Testimonial: A CVP Success Story

Photo by Markus Spiske

We first met Aaron when his grandparent brought him to the intake. He was full of giggles, a smile that never ended and a curiosity that might cause him a few scraps in life. Dad had made a few mistakes in his rather young life. His choice cost him some time in jail away from his son. Dad seemed to have decided to make a positive change in his life and was taking steps to make sure he was not away from his son again for long periods. 

The first visit came and Grandpa was still very angry with the choice the father made. It showed on his face. Dad was a bit worried his son might not remember him. But as so many of the children CVP serve, Aaron jumped up and ran to Dad when he entered the room.

Dad was wonderful with his son. They laughed and played together. As the weeks went by and the parenting time went well, Grandpa began to relax.

After 6 months of supervised parenting time, the courts decided Dad could leave CVP and Aaron could go out with Dad. It may sadden CVP volunteers and staff just a bit when we say goodbye to a child, but we are more than happy and excited to see the family move on to the next step in their journey.