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DOWNLOAD intake paperwork. Please note there is a $40.00 cost for orientation.
Once you have downloaded and completed the application, you can submit it via email to or mail it to 1660 N. Sherman Street, Denver, CO 80203.

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What We Do

CVP provides services for supervised parenting time at our facility and for people who are seeking supervised exchanges. 



  • an opportunity for children to visit with a parent in a safe, comfortable environment under trained supervision

  • a trained supervisor, a room for the visit, and some age-appropriate games and activities for the children

  • matching supervisors with families to provide some continuity for the families

  • evening and Saturday hours for visits

  • exchange services


  • recommendations regarding future visits or child custody

  • transportation to and from visits

  • food for the visits

  • counseling or therapy

CVP will not tolerate any mistreatment of the volunteer supervisors or the children. Parents may not use profane language, nor may they insult or degrade the other parent in the presence of the child (children) during visits.

Visiting Services

Central Visitation Program (CVP) provides on-site supervised visitation services across the Denver Metro Area. Our main office and visitation site is in the Central Presbyterian Church in downtown Denver at 1660 Sherman Street. CVP has a second location in Brighton at the 1st Presbyterian Church of Brighton at 420 S. 27th Avenue. CVP's third location is in Aurora, Colorado, at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 111 Del Mar Circle. Our fourth location is in Northglenn, at Northglenn Christian Church, 1800 E 105th Place. Our fifth location is in Englewood, at Englewood First Presbyterian Church, 3500 Logan Street.

CVP is an independent not for profit and not related to any of our host churches. All supervised parenting time takes place on-site at our facility. All visits are scheduled with a 15 minute time difference between when the children are dropped off and the visiting parent arrives. This time cushion serves to avoid any confrontations between the parents and also allows the children time to make the transition from one parent to another. 

Non-residential parents may bring food and games or other activities to their parenting time which are age appropriate and take into consideration the child(ren) dietary needs. CVP also has many games and toys available on-site for the children and parents to enjoy. The parenting time is a chance for parents and children to begin to repair their relationships, to maintain them, or sometimes to begin them for the first time. 

Supervisors are present in the room to observe but do not usually participate in the visit. However, supervisors may intervene, if necessary, with support, limits, or suggestions. Supervisors may also intervene if something is upsetting or traumatic to the child (children), and may even stop the visit at that time. 

Supervisors monitor and record the activities of the visit as well as the impact of the visits on the children. However, supervisors are not therapists, and their observations are not an analysis of the children or the parents. 

Exchange Services

Central Visitation Program (CVP) provides exchange services on-site in our offices in Denver, Brighton, Aurora, Northglenn and Englewood. One party brings the children to CVP and leaves the area.  After 15 minutes the second party arrives at our location to pick the children up from the staff member who has been watching them.  Brief messages can be shared between parties as it relates to immediate needs of the children.

Free Parenting Classes


New classes begin every six weeks

Call 303-839-8701 or email

For more information


Utilizing the Nurturing Parenting Program

Geared towards parents with children ages 0-5, but ALL parents are welcome to attend


*Participants are asked to make a $20 donation for the classes. Participants who attend six out of eight sessions will receive a $20 King Soopers Gift Card